Sunday, August 13, 2006

The picture is just a quick reminder to myself and all the interested people reading this blog....California is really beautiful and interesting too. Shawn took this picture of Vasquez Rocks not far from where we live.

6 days away. I would like to share this excerpt from Kev Reynolds (the only English published author of the Walker's Haute Route).

The route is over 180 kilometers long (110.2 miles) . It crosses eleven passes, gains more than twelve thousand meters in height and loses more than ten thousand. And each pass gained is a window onto a world of stunning beauty.

I'm so excited.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Flying to Geneva thru London, of course....

We actually fly to London direct from Los Angeles.

Why must we try to hurt one another? Why? I completely support all safety restrictions...But I will miss my ipod, and book that Sara is going to let me borrow, and the mocha ice blended that I was planning on bringing on the plane (even though my Mom said I shouldn't to wean me off my addiction).

American Airlines website of carry-on luggage restrictions.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

In the picture you can see some of the stuff that will go in the backpack. Take note of the first aid kit top right. We have about 9 and a half days to go. Are we ready? Physically, we both agree we could have trained more but materialistically completely set. Both of our backbacks (that's mine in the picture) have these cool vents that seperate the packs from the rest of our body. We'll let you know how useful the invention is...or if again, we are consumer suckers.

This past weekend Shawn did an experiment with the altimeter. Our apartment is 580 feet above sea level. Pasadena is 900 feet about sea level. Chamonix, France (our hike starting point)? Around 12,600 feet. I approximate because I have to convert from the metric system. (Why don't we have the metric system? Sigh).